Site Services        “We are at your site!”


 Our field services include procurement, installation, maintenance and training of all types of control systems and related equipment.

 FTG Trading provides highly qualified and well planned maintenance services in order to get consistently high performance and long life from your plant equipment.

 Our team has vast experience of working on multiple vendors systems and equipment on more than aggregated thousand Man years of engineering experience, data and knowledge gained.

 Beyond routine repairs and maintenance, we have extensive experience in risk-based and reliable-centric maintenance planning and execution.


On Site Maintenance Support:

 In today’s production there is no room for non-programmed machine shutdowns. To minimize the number of equipment failures and extend its useful life, FTG Trading offers its customers a wide range of made-to-measure maintenance contracts to meet customer requirements, reducing breakdowns, to a considerable extent, and attaining a better control over expenses.


Prompt Recovery and Emergency Call Services:

“On-call 365 a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day” our practical experts will arrive at your site within a matter of hours in order to troubleshooting and fix the problem as soon as you ask our engineering team to solve the problem.


Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC)

 FTG Trading extends maintenance contract support such as Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC), which include and cover all below services.

  • Predictive, Preventive &  Corrective Maintenance,

  • Remote Assistance

  • Overhaul Services

  • Spare inventory management

  • Hot cutover planning & implementation

 Beside the above scope of services, FTG Trading prevents data corruption and inconsistency by providing software back-up services which includes for all application programs and vendor software.


Emergency Procurement Services:

 To accomplish our services and fulfill the customers’ satisfaction, we store limited quantity of instrumentation and control system's critical products in our warehouse for emergency calls which coming from our valued clients. In fact most of the control parts are too expensive to be economical to keep them in stock for long period of time, BUT FTG Trading’s commitment and dedication to clients makes FTG Trading logotype and distinguished from other companies.


Calibration Services

 We have also gathered certified calibration tools to stand up on site calibration shop for calibration of wide variety of field instruments from Pressure Gauge to Fieldbus devices, pursuing all standards and approved formats of clients.


The FTG Trading’s Strength

  • Expertise and Experience

  • Understanding of onsite HSE practices

  • Multi-skilled Field Service Engineers

  • Knowledge of multiple brands / Vendors

  • Highly mobile and adaptable personnel

  • Commitment to your goals

  • Experience of challenging in harsh working conditions

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