FTG Trading truly understands your needs for step-wise improvement and modernization of automation systems.

Why you need to migrate:

  • Obsolete and Expensive spare parts for installed equipment
  • The latest technologies are not compatible with your DCS
  • Costly Maintenance and increase of production down-time.
  • Resources who support the existing DCS are close to retirement.
  • Incompetent in Production time to meet market demands
  • The lifetime of DCS is going to be expired and vendor plans to end support.

 FTG Trading is now offering a complimentary innovative scrutiny for retrofit, migration and expansion of the automation systems such as DCS, FCS, ESD, PLC, HMI, SCADA, etc.

 We know choosing a new DCS platform is an essential decision, and we want to help manufacturers weigh all their options. We are offering our advice for free to help manufacturers leverage the complete benefits of the latest DCS technology in order to improve productivity, agility and profitability.

 FTG Trading’s platform independence and proven methodology ensure manufacturers get a solution that meets operations and business needs. FTG Trading is a turn-key solution provider that entails planning, delivery and sustaining services, so no benefit of the new technology will go unnoticed.

 Each FTG Trading’s solution begins by identifying your plant features in a four-step comprehensive study. We

  • Define your process and its boundaries,
  • Survey your site and collect data,
  • Analyze and plan the solution,
  • Deliver and report results.

 The FTG Trading approach does not usually require down-time for our conversion; we bring the new application on-line in conjunction with your existing control systems. Ask us how; you will be surprised with our seamless integrated solution.

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