INSTALLATION  "Our goal is to get each project up quickly and efficiently"


FTG Trading is capable of providing all of the expertise and equipment necessary to help support or completely manage and perform your unit installation.

Whether your projects are to be upgraded, retrofitted or new construction, FTG Trading provides control equipment installation services and automation equipment installation support.

Procedures related to installation and commissioning have been specifically defined for each piece of equipment, and all our personnel have the necessary skills for the job. They are trained in planning, coordination, management, supervision and inspection duties, as well as in instructing the operating personnel.

Our supervisory team ensures that systems are installed and ready to commission and operate at their highest potential.

We impose a supervisory control and follow the below items in each projects:

  • Oversee quality assurance and quality control to ensure compliance with proper standards
  • Keep projects on schedule and within scope and budge Manage milestones, earned value tracking and final acceptance
  • We maintain the best achievable schedule
  • We ensure that all equipment is fully commissioned, documented, and operational
  • We ensure compliance with “Regulatory Requirements”
  • We have the Installation software and special tools to manage the entire process
  • We have a proven track record with more than 20 years of major projects’ commissioning  which has been completed successfully

Arya Sasol Polymer Company
Iranian Offshore Oil Company
Shazand Power Plant
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